Let us present to you DPO|magazine

The first magazine in the sector in Europe launched 28th October 2020.


  • DPO Magazine is an international information project that aims to fill empty spaces and add value to the field of data and information protection and security.
  • DPO Magazine is a digital publication, independent and free, without party or economic interests, and without establishing hierarchies of functions or sectors of activity, in its editorial options.
  • DPO Magazine is guided by demanding standards in the quality of the information and knowledge it conveys, first guarantee of its credibility and affirmation.
  • DPO Magazine does not set geographical, cultural or temporal boundaries, refusing situations of sensationalism, exploitation or speculation.
  • DPO Magazine encourages a conscious and respectable debate on the major issues facing today's societies, with a view to improving knowledge.
  • DPO Magazine is responsible only to its readers, in a relationship marked by rigor, transparency and daily availability to stimulate reflection and knowledge.


Inês Oliveira | diretor@dpomag.com


Horácio Lopes | editor@dpomag.com


Ana Rita Ferreira | redator@dpomag.com

Consulting Board

  • Professor Doctor Pedro Correia
  • Dra. Ana Luísa Machado
  • Dr. José Alvarenga
  • Jorge Flávio, representing APDPO Technological Commission

Content Reviewers

  • Professor Doctor Carlos Guardado da Silva
  • Professor Doctor Francisco Pereira Coutinho
  • Professora Doctor Graça Canto Moniz
  • Professor Doctor Miguel Pupo Correia
  • Master Inês Oliveira
  • Master Ana Rita Ferreira

Content and audience


The content of the DPO|magazine will be in permanent adaptation, seeking to satisfy the need for better exposure of the subjects we choose to deliver to our readers.
At present the magazine is organized into:

| Advertising
| Articles
| Debates
| Institutional information
| Interviews
| Opinions
| Partner content
| Reports

Who is it for?

| BAD, Information and Knowledge Professionals
| Company Administrators and Managers
| Compliance technicians
| Computer and Systems Architecture Engineers
| Computer and Systems Architecture Engineers
| Computer Security and Cybersecurity Specialists
| Consultants and Auditors
| Data Managers and Analysts
| Data Protection and Security Specialists
| Data Protection Officers
| Digital Transformation Specialists
| Economists and Accountants
| Human Resources Technicians
| Information and Communication Technicians
| Information Systems Specialists
| Management positions in Public Administration
| Specialists in Information Systems


We have the following options for inserting ads:

  • 2 pages | 420mm width x 297mm height
  • 1 página | 210mm width x 297mm height
  • 1/2 página horizontal | 210mm width x 140mm height
  • 1/2 página vertical | 105mm width x 297mm height
  • Rodapé | 210mm width x 60mm height
  • Topo | 210mm width x 60mm height

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DPO|magazine is produced in digital magazine format, with HTML5 technology.

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We take content ownership very seriously. The authors of the articles and all the other content of DPO|magazine are the result of a combination of know-how and many hours of work. Therefore every respect is appreciated!

The articles published in this magazine, the content of the interviews and the opinions are the property of the identified authors and reflect their position on the subject at hand. DPO|magazine reserves the right to have an opinion contrary to that presented in these articles. All other content in this magazine is owned by DPO|magazine.

Any use, reproduction or distribution of articles and other content of this magazine, which has not been expressly authorized by it, is prohibited.

Except when mentioned in the respective content, this publication is produced in spelling respecting the new Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement (1990).


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